Painted Verbena
Garden Roses
Italian Landscape
Hot, Pink, and Wild
Feeling Blue
Bluesy Boy
Underneath the White
The Rose Bowl
Greenie Girl
Among the Pinks
Hello, Tulips!
Snapdragon Blues
Sweet Basil
Rosemary Love
Hydrangeas are Blue
A Piece of Me
It's An Anemone
Rosy Tulips
Pink Peonies
That's Rununculus
Pop of Pink
Bouquet of Blue
Make an Arrangement
Magnolia Sprouts
Polka Dot
Up Close
Rununculus Color
The Snaps
Snap Your Fingers
Washed Out
Snaps for You
Druzy Snapdragons
Fields of Blue
Pop of Color
Snappy Color
Pink Flower Study
Blue Pecans
First Pick
Hazy Sunflowers
Kitchen Arrangements
My Azaleas Bloomed!
Snap with Me
Trial Flowers
Stargazer Lilies
Daffodil Study
Peony Study
Mason Jar Yellow
Mason Jar White
Mason Jar Blue
In Bloom
Mum Study
Poppy Study Two
Orange Gourd Study
Cotton Study #2
Pecan in a Tree
Sunflower in Bloom
Green Gourd Study
Pumpkin Study
Blue Orchid Study
Hydrangea Study Two
Hydrangea Study Three
Hydrangea Mix Study
Colored Poppy Study
Mini Hydrangea
Calla Lily
Mini Sunflower
 8x8 2016
Stages Up Close
Magnolia Study Two
Blue Pansy Study
Sunflower Study Two
White Hydrangea Study
A Fresh Bite
Tulip Study Two
Iris Study One
Iris Study Two
Magnolia Study
Sunflower Study
Poppy Study
Gerber Daisy Study
Hydrangea Study
Lilly Study
Orchid Study
Iris Study Two
Pansy Study
Tulip Study One
After Rain Drops
Shadowed Water One
Shadowed Water Two
Shadowed Water Three
Lavender Blush
Lilac Twin
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